Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Looking for a crazy recipe...

Hello my fellow bloggers..It's that time of year again where we have Halloween parties and all the boys and girls go trick or treating..We have a Halloween party every year at my job...This year I am looking to find the most wild and craziest Halloween recipe that you have made before....I would like to make a crazy Halloween dessert this year for my party..Please let me know if you have any crazy ideas or recipes that you wouldn't mind sharing with me so that I can share with all of my co-workers...


  1. kitty litter cake
    poop cake,800,,txtLisa%2527s%2520Mom%2520made%2520up%2520this%2520birthday%2520cake%2520for%2520Corbett%252C%2520fashioned%2520after%2520a%2520Wrex%2520Cook%2520painting.,1.26,,cornfest10-05,0,0,,0,800,600,,,vwd_scripts_v_w_d_,
    (ok I have a bathroom problem huh??)

  2. Wow that is funny...One of my co-workers brought that one last year....


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